Dear Art Friends,

WSAG is pleased to welcome Louise Larose, an internationally reputed Canadian painter. Louise will be presenting her series entitled “Japanese Kimonos” inspired by her journey to the land of the rising sun which left her with such vivid memories of these beautiful cultural garments renowned for their symbolism and balance. In Japan, the kimono is itself a work of art of great splendor and this series of paintings from Ms. Larose pays tribute to their beauty.

Please join us at WSAG’s opening art show reception with artist in attendance to be held on Thursday, August 15 (7:00 to 9:00 pm) at 270 Wellington Street West, Toronto.
I hope you can drop by the gallery to meet Louise and view her spectacular paintings

Fiery and lithe, the grand, gestural strokes of Canadian painter Louise Larose are lavishly grandiose, yet delicately poignant. Passion pervades these paintings, permeating every aspect and element of the canvases. Articulating this fervor for life and beauty through both abstraction and figuration, the artist expresses her lively desire for every facet of existence.

Trained formally in watercolors and drawing, Larose found freedom in working with acrylic paints which allowed her to explore and experience color as never before. Light has since become a profoundly expressive tool for her, something used to voice Larose’s emotions and understanding of herself and her world. “My varied body of work, at the boundaries of abstract and figurative art, reflects the source of my inspiration,” she says. “I incorporate into my art everything that excites me: nature, travel, freedom but also intuition and the purity of emotion. To paint for me is to open a door to a private universe.”
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Louise Larose teaches visual art to high school students